Sandwich PUF panels

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Sectional overhead doors made in Thailand

  • Worldwide quality standards
  • Shortest lead time in Thailand
  • After-sales service support

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Energy saving

Thermal insulated panels and rubber sealing of the door leaf

Application flexibility

A variety of types of lifts make it suitable for any room

Electrically or manually operated

Balancing springs compensate the door leaf weight


Using high-quality materials and components


Each door is equipped with safety devices, prevents it’s falling down


Operated by radar, radio remotes, induction loops, smart home apps

Sandwich PUF panels

  • Galvanized steel or aluminium PUF panels 48-50 kg/m3 density wind proof class 3 
  • Panels thickness of 40-80mm suites for various temperature conditions 
  • Sealing of panels joints prevent any temperature leaking and dust penetration 
  • The wide choice of designs and colors helps to fit the overhead door to a project style

Guide tracks

  • Provide the perfect fitting sectional overhead door to the wall and smooth movement 
  • All components are made from galvanized steel 2mm thickness 
  • Designes for each door according to opening size and site conditions

Options and accessories

  • Windows and Pass door 
  • Handles and Locks 
  • Ventilation grills 
  • And others


  • For garage or industrial sectional overhead doors
  • Equipped with limit switches 
  • Can be operated by buttons or remote controllers 
  • For doors sizes 7 – 60m2 
  • 220V or 380V

Balancing springs

  • Intended for compensate of overhead doors weight and allows the manual opening and closing even large sectional doors weighing 200-300 kg 
  • The correct choice of springs also contributes to the long life of the automatic door operators

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